Risk Management

Every day we face various risks in our life. Driving a car, traveling, crossing a busy road, owning property, and many other things that can carry significant risk.

When it comes to corporate environment and trading, adverse events might cause financial losses, we can anticipate them and manage them to mitigate the consequences. Managing risk can be done in several ways. Once you’ve identified a risk, you can elect to by either prevent it, avoid it, spread it, retain it or transfer it. This is where financial engineering comes to help companies to manage their risks by using derivatives products and risk management tools.

The development of the risk management tools in corporations in recent years has followed a clear evolutionary path to where we are today. The various stages of this evolution drive home the point that risk management is part of a developmental journey, rather than a destination that a company can arrive at through hard work and state of art analytical techniques. In other word, corporate financial risk management which seeks to manage company’s exposure to currencies, interest rates, energy, commodities, and other factors driven by the financial markets is best viewed as an ongoing process that continually evolves with the company as it encounters new and unforeseen risks.

Today’s decision makers require innovative solutions for managing the financial impact of risk on their organizations’ earnings and assets and establishing a stable financial environment for their business is key to its success. This is why Securities And Financial Engineering (S.A.F.E)’s team combines analytical skills and financial market expertise to create custom risk solutions that meet organization-specific business, financial and operational objectives. We can help companies from small business to giant corporations to determine and manage their risk, whether from fluctuating interest rates, exposure to changes in equity and foreign exchange markets, or volatile energy and commodity prices. And we can show how the right strategy will not only protect them, but provide them the financial flexibility and security they require to help their business succeed.

We can provide the following services in the field of risk management

Interest Rate

Energy Price

Commodities Price

Equities and Equities Indices

Foreign Exchange