About us

Securities And Financial Engineering (S.A.F.E) Limited is one of the leading financial consultants and trading firms operating from London, United Kingdom.

Founded in 2003, S.A.F.E is an international derivatives trading firm offering hedge fund management, trading services, market data analysis, forecasting, risk analysis, risk management, training programmes and many other services on international derivatives market. Its clients benefit from the most comprehensive services and independent professional team in the business.

Despite of its recent formation, S.A.F.E’s professional team has an extensive experience in all aspects of derivatives markets. Our Clients benefit from a broad range of products and services, from our regular market report to tailor made special reports, from project consultation and management to risk management and analysis and from training programmes to regular seminars and conferences.

For further information about our services or to become one of our members please contact us using our online contact form.